Transformational leadership through encounters with horses

Transformational leadership is considered the most effective leadership style today for achieving excellence in teams or management roles.

Leadership skills such as ‘demanding a high level of ambition,’ ‘convincing and inspiring others', ‘generating high relationship qualities,’ ‘achieving enforcement energy’ and ‘high personal impact and presence’ are essential for excellent leadership in top teams, sports teams and in sales excellence.

Interestingly, these themes are timelessly bound to our emotional and physical intelligence and exert their effect in every leadership and stress situation. But they are not accessible to purely cognitive reflection.

Through our work with horses, we have revived a centuries-old tradition of developing these leadership and self-leadership qualities.

Participants experience and positively anchor these topics in their emotional body memory through work with horses. We also do not shy away from discussions about power and rank dynamics in leadership constellations as part of this work thereby enabling ethical handling of power.

We use the body-language skills we have acquired through this work today in our company analyses, team developments, coachings and also in our image campaigns at the board level.