We advise companies

We see consulting as an instrument to allow executives to see from the outside - to understand the conscious and unconscious rules of thought and rules of the game that teams and companies follow and to react dynamically to future challenges.

Our Offerings


The diversity of our partners enables us to use a consulting model with which we can support the connections of strategic, economic, structural, cultural and personal success factors of transformation processes and restructuring processes in companies from a single source.


Integrating hard and soft factors 

Where companies sometimes talk about change processes when facing challenges, we sometimes see the bigger crisis. We are not afraid to tell it like it is.


We work with our clients - on a content-based and tailor-made basis.



Supervisory board, executive board and management level

  • Support for strategic and political decision-making processes
  • Support for executive team/board to develop a common understanding of the business situation and to orchestrate the upcoming transformation processes
  • Analysis of the interactions between DNA, Flywheel (value driver systems), control paradigms and cultural challenges of upcoming transformations
  • Consulting for HR roles
  • Moderation of negotiations with social partners and stakeholders
  • Individual assessments for the appointment of board members. We not only check the fit for the new role requirements but also the constructive power behavior of the candidates


Corporate level

  • DNA-based company analyses with subsequent feedback loops to the participants
  • Creation and implementation of transformation processes
  • Turnaround and restructuring advice
  • Creation and support of subject-related work streams. Inclusion of external expertise
  • Support for implementation of results from workstreams into line organization
  • Design and orchestration of change campaigns. Energizing the workforce
  • Establishment of leadership programs to accompany the transformation processes
  • Team development
  • Development of tailor-made instruments and formats (tools) for change management


Special offerings in elite sports

  • DNA and brand analyses of top clubs
  • Derivation of club strategy
  • Alignment of structures to brand core and strategy
  • Establishment of new leadership models
  • Strategic development and restructuring of junior academies
  • Flanking leadership and team development
  • Integration of management levels (finance, management, sports)