Dealing with crisis

“Change counseling sometimes develops into more profound support through major restructuring or revision process. We have developed our holistic consulting services over the last few years so we can also offer them to companies facing such challenges.

In the restructuring of a well-known international medium-sized enterprise, it was not just about mastering the craft of analysis and asking “What does the company need right now? What are the possible blockages?” We also skilfully support the company through the crisis - By asking questions such as “How do I implement the remediation report? How do I convince people in the process and bring them along with me? Do we want to empower companies and employees?” This requires a deep understanding of corporate DNA on both sides and the building mutual trust. We believe restructuring can only succeed if the consultants and companies can initiate, implement and complete the change processes in close cooperation!”


– Martin Tobies


What did we do?

  • Moderation of the decision and power processes in the board and with shareholders
  • Support for negotiation strategies with stakeholders
  • Development of restructuring and reorganization activities in the top management team
  • Set-up of six work streams with the associated control roles (including a workflow for defining DNA and value driver systems)
  • Set-up of a steering committee
  • Installation of a transformation office with the associated project management organization
  • Flanking leadership formats including lectures on intercultural management
  • One-to-one conversations with key players on a confidential basis
  • Large group events
  • Orchestration of the implementation of results from the workstreams in the line
  • Campaigning for transformation activities