We train consultants and coaches

A central factor in consulting and coaching in the context of organizations is the consulting alliance. In our consultant training, we offer consultants the opportunity to develop their personality beyond their transdisciplinary consulting approach as a key skill for the effective support of people in leadership roles. The frame of reference for this is systemic transactional analysis, which we consider to be an excellent model in the context of organizations.

We see personality development in consultants as a key skill for the effective support of people in organizations.

Our Offerings

Our approach

We see our training as an invitation to consultants to become aware of their professional and personal responsibility and impact in the consulting alliance. In addition to providing a better understanding of personal and organizational dynamics, we provide concepts and methods for deciphering the core issues of a client system and effectively intervening in it.


Target groups and certification

Our ongoing education consists of the combination of theoretical inputs and self-experience, the handling of practical cases (supervision) and the handling of personal concerns in connection with the professional role, as well as collegial consultation (intervision).


We recognize the existence of three basic kinds of human intelligences: cognitive intelligence, emotional intelligence and body intelligence.

Our offerings

In-house offers


Programs for the qualification of

  • HRBP units
  • In-house consultants
  • HR units
  • Lectures on future HR topics 

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Our academy PROGRAM 2023

The courses in our academy are only offered in German.