Campaigning change

“Companies call us during moments when they discover internal disagreements - Disagreements that affect the day-to-day operations, effectiveness and efficiency of the organization. One of the first questions we ask is: What is the central area of impact of the company?

Last year, when a big fashion company came to us because they had lost their way from one collection day to another due to the quick turn-around, we steered them away from outward appearances to the procedures behind the scenes. And together with the company we asked: Is there an effective location, a good staging pace for these central events for the company? Is there enough room for the central events? When they responded that they did not, we deliberately created a physical place that not only enables them to organize, ritualize, speak for and strengthen their own nucleus and DNA today, but also to use this to find a new attitude towards future challenges.”


- Martin Maria Blau


What did we do?

  • Analysis of the key value drivers in the company. Especially the value-added processes in the core success levers within the process chains
  • Analysis of the collection day as THE event of the highest importance for the design and composition of the collections
  • Analysis of bottlenecks (organizational, structural and personal) on the collection day
  • New staging of the collection day with a symbolic effect on the processes and the mindset of the participants: Spatial staging of the collection room as a “sacred” place. Reorganization of the daily dramaturgy – staging of the collection conceptions as a stage presentation with charisma. Recalibration of the presentation and negotiation rituals to sharpen the collections and acquisition processes for distribution
  • Coaching of the actors. Presence training for the stage performances