Our approach

Successful organizations innovate every day. One central innovation is their executives. They have to succeed every day “in and with the system”. That means providing the company not only with what gives the company stability (exploit, optimization of day-to-day business), but also with what challenges it and makes it sustainable (explore; drive innovation).

We maintain a tight global network of leading experts on strategy, marketing, innovation, sales, reorganization, process optimization and digitization. We make this network available in our leadership programs and coaching - be it through personal individual meetings, virtual conferences or the provision of digitally prepared teaching material (e.g. MOOCs, explanatory videos, etc.).

But we also know from brain research today that personal and organizational transformations cannot succeed without appropriate emotionalisation. Pure cognitive content does not sufficiently reach us or our employees. That is why we also work with the latest findings in neurobiology both in our transformation consulting and in our teaching.

We use these methods in transformation campaigns and also in our executive coaching.