Oliver Haas


Oliver Haas

Oliver Haas is a partner at Kessel & Kessel GmbH. The focus of his work lies in the design of strategic, organizational change processes and consulting on associated organizational development (change management) in profit and non-profit organizations. His experience ranges from municipal, public organizations to global political institutions with worldwide operations.

Oliver has been working as a manager and consultant in quality, knowledge management and organizational development worldwide for almost 20 years, most recently at the World Bank Group in Washington DC. He teaches and has taught at Georgetown University as well as George Washington University (both in Washington D.C.) and the Technical University of Darmstadt and works in the degree program “Organizational Development / Systemic Counseling” at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.

Oliver is editor-in-chief of the magazine Organisationsentwicklung (ZOE) and author of numerous articles on the topics of organizational learning/ change management. He published the book “The Change-Navigator - 48 Questionnaires for Successful Management" in August 2017 (BELTZ Verlag) together with Prof. Dr. Heiko Roehl. At the beginning of 2018 his comprehensive work on knowledge management in digital transformation was published by Springer (together with Prof. Klaus North and Prof. Ronald Maier). A publication series under the title “Shaping Transformations” is planned for 2019.

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