Transforming leadership

“In organizations that have to ensure both day-to-day operations and flexible answers to current and future challenges, there is often a top-down requirement to think about the future in terms of changeprocesses. But at the same time managers and executives are valued on the basis of short-term results in ongoing day-to-day operations. These demands are actually in conflict.

Together with an international technology company, we asked ourselves how it can support its key figures – the executives– not only to endure these conflicts, but to use them as a productive source. What did we learn here? The more the currentcorporate self-image is discussed – jointly and across all levels – the clearer and more achievable the futuregoal image is. We believe that sustainable change always comes from the middle of the organization. This ensures we do not succumb to the temptation to discredit the past. Change means discovering meaning together and making sense of it through strong leadership!” 


– Oliver Haas


What did we do?

We designed a holistic leadership program with interlocking formats:

  • Pockets of excellence. 2-hour dialog formats on key leadership topics (transformational leadership, collaboration, purpose-driven organizations …)
  • Walk the talk. Keynote speeches on the subject of “Contradictions in the control logics (ambidextrous control)” in management teams. Subsequent transfer to operational challenges in the business lines
  • Case labs. ‘Bring a dilemma’. Settings for collegial consultation on previously prepared bottleneck situations in day-to-day operations
  • Deep dives. 2-day innovation workshops with design-thinking methods
  • Continuous feedback loops with the board
  • Coaching on topics that appeared in the formats